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21-Mar-2016 10:23

Creating and implementing them is a challenge for many organizations however, as the process can be resource intensive. Our consultants have extensive experience developing functional classification systems and records retention schedules across all industries and verticals.

Functional classification is a system which allows you to properly organize your records based on what your business does.

It was developed in the 1980s and included now-obsolete records yet lacked many new records.

It did not appropriately reflect the current business environment, advances in technology and records management practice, or current data privacy and security standards.

Here’ is a quick overview of the TAB’ process for designing a functional classification system: The challenge in developing a records retention schedule, whether for electronic records, paper records, or a hybrid combination of the two, is in creating a schedule that covers all the regulatory and legal requirements, and then applying it to all your records management functions.

This can be very time consuming, and requires deep RM knowledge, especially if you need to apply it to RM software or an electronic content management system.

E.1 Occasionally, the creation of new record types, changes in the nature of records, or changes in NASA business requirements for retention of sets of records necessitate creation of a new retention schedule item, or revision of an existing one.

E.2 When situations like this arise, owners or custodians of the records in question should coordinate with their Center Records Manager to propose new/revised schedules as quickly as possible and as often as necessary in order to ensure all NASA records are scheduled.

The objective of the executive order is to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while implementing appropriate operational best practices.Provided below are links to various records retention schedules for Minnesota government entities.Those listed include various schedules for State Agencies, Minnesota Counties, Cities, Townships, School Districts, and District Courts.The University Records Management Committee (RMC) is leading an initiative to revise the records retention schedule to better address the types of administrative records currently in use, to support University compliance with legal and other regulatory retention requirements, and to promote adherence to UC best practices.

Questions about the schedule should be directed to the appropriate campus records management coordinator.

To determine updated retention periods, the project lead reviews University policies and procedures, researches relevant legal requirements, and meets with functional area experts both to validate the proposed retention period and to determine if other types of records exist that should be included.

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