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But if you think Canada Day is just about food, sparklers and a great big birthday party - think again. , but the holiday celebrates the events that took place on this day.On July 1, 1867, the British North America Act created the Canadian federal government.[] But in the end, it was Lindsay that got the boot! I know the dude's a snake, but he's also the best player in the game. And since he's never had a girlfriend, I'm guessing it's pretty low. With Courtney's memory wiped, all I have to do is pretend to be her boyfriend and she'll vote off whoever I ask her to.In Niagara, we dissolved the two remaining teams and paired everyone up with a spouse. Keeping him close would be beneficial in the long run. All I need now is for him to help me out in challenges... when I get my hands on that money, there's no TELLING how famous I'll be. :( [] (conf) Pffft, I could see the game Heather was playing from a mile away. YOU ARE READING Random CANT I HAVE ONE BOOK THAT CAN' T (WON' T) BE DELETED? I love hanging out with family and my friends as well."Dislikes"I can't stand being called Princess Aileen. Don't mind the weird last name." Age"I'm eighteen."Gender"Don't play dumb."Sexuality"That's none of your business." (Lesbian)Species"I'm a demon." (Human)Appearance"Look at me then." Personality"Well..."(Aileen is usually sweet and friendly. If she thinks you've asked a dumb questioned she'll be a smartass about it or say something rude)Likes"I like swimming, basketball, pocky, meeting new people, and making friends. Here, Duncan's new babe tried to convince her team to vote out Duncan's old babe, and Justin learned the hidden truth behind Alejandro's scheming.

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I am going to work on Tattletail RP and Find the Button 2, I am thinking for the future is, FNa F RP Map (FNa F1),and FTB3!

If you'd like to know my last name, then it'd be, Aileen Tyi. However; Aileen is short-tempered and will snap easily, if you get on her nerves that is.

Plus these aren't just for roleplay they're meh OCs XD Name"Heh. I'm Princess Aileen, but I rather be called Aileen. You're always able to tell wether she's in a good or bad mood.

- NEW TATTLETAIL: THE KALEIDOSCOPE MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY PAGE IS UP! Minecraft Version: 1.10.2 Mods Needed for the map: - Mr.

Crayfish Furniture Mod - Decocraft - Custom NPCs Made by Fredbear Tattletail made by Waygetter Electronics Well I have everything ready for the update (For the mod) and the creator replied,he said he's doing 1.8.8 and 1.8.9 then a month later is 1.9 then in 3 months is 1.10 so yeah expect it around Summer lol even tho Tattletail will be prob dead Sorry the Beta wasn't out yesterday, I was very busy." (Pain, boys/men, and abuse) ScenarioAileen was the most popular girl in the rich all-girls academy. However, she wasn't just a popular girl, she was Princess Aileen.

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