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Since then I’ve regularly updated this list to add more quality sites and remove anything that’s no longer free or has lapsed in quality. Sure, directory submissions are very VERY boring, but they’re totally worth doing!

And submitting to the free directories in this list was actually the first ever active link building exercise I did.

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She did the same at Rostock in 1938 and found five out of a total of 2,728.

She found six boys named Adolf and one Adolf-Benito out of a total of 641.AIMS has 429 member races in over 90 countries across the world.This section lists all member races together with the web address for each race and any features about the races that have appeared in past editions of Distance Running (which are freely available from our Archives section). 37290 T: 52 4 E: [email protected] Ibrahimi Moulay Skali Complexe sportif Mohamed V - Porte 10 - Casablanca, BP 16145 Casablanca T: 212 522 94 7700 E: [email protected], [email protected] Larrea Perurena Fly Group, Akarregi 12, Parcela 5, 20120 Hernani, San Sebastian T: 34 E: [email protected](sport questions), [email protected](registrations) Jiroajvanichakorn MICE & Communication Co., Ltd.If you want to see more than 20 results at a time, you can change the number next to the button [search].

Please note: This translation into English shall only be deemed as reference and the German version shall prevail in any case.Out of the 76 supposedly “FREE” directory submission sites I tried to submit to from my excel, 14/76 malfunctioned and 13/76 were not free at all!